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  • Jiyeon Park - B612 Meaning

    So i saw a few times well... AAAA tons of times "B612" into Jiyeon Park Pictures, i was like WTH is that? Hmmm so i got that curious that it took me almost 5 minutes to find the real meaning of "B612" do you get me foolks? 5 minutes disrupted to find this! Why the hell Stars add letters/numbers etc without even letting people know WTH is that right? so now lets get to the "business"!

    ADMIN UPDATE: B612 is a Selfie App! google it "B612 Selfie App" but has the same meaning as described down below! 



    F is the 6th letter of the alphabet.

    A is the 1st letter of the alphabet.

    B is the 2nd letter of the alphabet.

    612 = fab.......B612 = B fab.......

    B fab = Be fabulous....... 

    B612 = Be fabulous


    So yeah this "B612" means "Be fabulous" ughhh i hope i saved your 5 minutes of time to look for it!

    After all is not Jiyonys fault but is a damn watermark of a APP! Sorry about this Jiyony, was my bad!


    This is all...


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  • Italy Banned/Censored the giant Mail.Ru website?!?


    UPDATE: Apparently you can surpass the blocking of Mail.Ru. Switching to Google public DNS will solve your problem!

    What is Mail.Ru ?

    Mail.Ru Group (LSE:MAIL, listed since November 5, 2010) is a Russian Internet company. It was started in 1998 as an e-mail service (hence the name) and went on to become a major player in the Russo phone segment of Internet. As of 2013, according to com Score, websites owned by collectively had the largest audience in Russia and captured the most screen time.[3] Mail.Rus sites reach approximately 86% of Russian Internet users on a monthly basis and the company is in the top 5 of largest Internet companies, based on the number of total pages viewed. operates the second and third most popular Russian social networking sites, Odnoklassniki and Moy Mir, respectively.

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  • HYOMIN Interview Question & Answer! Q&A

    Q. Hyomin-ssi who came back as a solo, please share your thoughts on this comeback first.
    A. As it’s my first solo album, I tried my best to show everything I have. Just as much as I tried, I got to do my best on stage!

    Q. T-ara Hyomin, Solo Hyomin! Is there a difference to the two sides? 
    A.When promoting in T-ara I am in charge of short rap and rap parts that somewhat sound powerful, so I think I wasn’t able to show the bright and lively side to me. But this time I think that I might be able to show a brighter and full-of-energy side to me through my solo activities!

     Q.The song’s title is ‘Nice Body’, but wasn’t that a burden~? What kind of efforts have you made~?

    A.It was really a huge burden since the title was ‘Nice Body’. Once I received the song, I worried about how should I take care of my body, but this time I tried out cross-fit and lemon detox for the first time! Since I was exercising and dieting at the same time I got lots of stress..but it feels like I definitely got healthier through this time’s solo activities! This song has lots of lines in the lyrics that make you want to go on a diet so it was a big motivation for me when exercising. I highly recommend that you try doing healthcare while you listen to my song!

    Q.You have a self-composed song in your album. Please explain for us what kind of song it it.
    A.It’s my first self-composed song..! Its title is’담(談,膽)’. This song has a retro sound to it. The intro’s guitar line that’s between fx-strings is the song’s point.

    Q.Is there a hidden meaning in your self-composed song~?
    A.The title ‘담(談,膽)’ has two meaning! one is ‘story’, and the other one is between ‘a brave and strong spirit’ and ‘an enterprising spirit’. I also tried to put in the message of having the courage to overcome very hard situations. I wish it can be a song that makes my fans, and lots of other people, be able to endure pain when they listen to it!

    Q.Where did you get inspired from when you were composing the song~?
    A.Rather than getting inspired from somewhere.. I think I just briefly wrote in my sincere feelings, and then I thought that I should make that into a song..!

    Q.We’re curious of what do you want ‘Solo Hyomin’ to be remembered as. 
    A.I don’t hope for much. If anything, I just wish that it makes people who watch my stages and listen to my song think like “This kid has charms” and “It’s fresh”..This is also the goal of my solo activities!

    Q.At the end, please tell us your solo activities’ plan.
    A. I will prepare hard and do my best on stage until the day these half-thrilling, half-tense activities become filled with only thrill. Please show lots of support for ‘Nice Body’~ Thank you. Ah! Also, please show lots of anticipation for T-ara’s album that will come out after my solo activities..!

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  • Hyomin "Nice Body" Official Music Video - Why is RATED +19!?!

    Yoo folks! Hyomin Relised her Solo Mini-Album Debut last night and i saw it first MUH FUCKERS! I liked the video and the song is cool and her voice is charming, she wears very tight apparels and she moves her booty a lot and that is cool for me i like when she moves her booty! here is the Music Video Rated +19

    Im wondering why is the video Rated +19! I have watched like 100 times the video and i can swear that i didnt saw her pu..... or a bit of her ti... or some... So maybe in Korea are different laws or something, i dont know, i can show you videos where you can see literally the form of a pussy and its not rated only +12 can someone explain me why this video got RATED +19?

    Yoo PEACE & Love

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