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Interesting Facts About Belly Bottoms | #PlayEven English

11 amazing facts about belly buttons - Business Insider
Start Slideshow » 1/11. Seconds to minutes after we're born, our umbilical cord gets snipped off, and the belly button begins. 2/11. Belly buttons usually start out as "outies," and most pop in to form "innies." 3/11. Sometimes, an expanding belly can turn a pregnant woman's innie into an outie. 4/11. 5/11. 6/11. 7/11. ...
20 Interesting Navel Facts - Facts Legend
Some portion of the cord remains attached the baby and over time, it dries out and falls off, leaving the scar which we later call 'navel'. 2. Belly button can appear as sticking out and is known as outtie or it can actually stick in and is known as innie. Innies are more common than outies.
10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Belly Button | Reader's Digest
01-born-Unus ual-facts-about-bellybuttons-you-probably- Oksana Kuzmina/ShutterstockYou're getting a belly button regardless of how your birth goes, and the idea that your delivery room doctor has any influence over this is just one of the many myths surrounding pregnancy and birth. The belly button marks the area ...
15 Facts About Belly Buttons That Prove They Are a Very Intriguing ... very-intrig...
An expanding belly can sometimes turn a pregnant woman's innie into an outie. During pregnancy, when a woman's belly expands in order to accommodate a growing fetus, the innie belly button might pop out and become an outie. Most women's belly buttons return to their former shape after birth.
22 Facts You Didn't Know About Belly Buttons. - LifeBuzz
Belly buttons are the wonderful birthmarks that come in different shapes. It's a feature that characterizes us humans. People pierce the belly button to wear attractive jewelry and show their belly buttons in all their glory. You may know that each one of us has an absolutely different birthmark but here are some interesting facts ...
10 mind-blowing (and sort of weird) facts about belly buttons
Most of us probably don't spend too much time thinking about our belly buttons. We all have them, and at first glance, they don't seem that interesting, but there's much more to this odd physical attribute than meets the eye. When you really take the time to think about it, belly buttons are pretty weird. After all, they don't even ...
11 Slightly Horrifying Things You Never Knew About Belly Buttons -about-be...
Your belly button is formed from scar tissue left over from the umbilical cord that joined you to your mother's placenta. Once the umbilical cord was cut, the stump that was left behind fell off, leaving you with what is now your weird, but wonderful, belly button.
11 amazing facts about belly buttons | Business Insider India › Science › Health
We all have belly buttons, people. They are the great equalizer. I bet you've never thought about your own navel that much. I certainly hadn't before I started researching this article. But if you would permit us a little navel-gazing ... there, I did it. Here are 11 legitimately interesting facts I found about belly ...
11 amazing facts about belly buttons | BusinessInsider › Science › Health
All mammals that have a placenta have belly buttons, too — one more commonality to. Instagram Embed: Width: 800px. Source: University College London. Further reading: There's No Proof Taylor Swift Has a Belly Button, Taylor Swift's belly button. Share Slide.
13 Interesting And Lesser Known Facts About Your Navel
Belly button has been fascinating people for ages, which has aroused tons of thoughts in the scientists' mind. Here are some interesting and lesser known navel facts you must not be aware of.

Is the belly button a scar?
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