Why? | This Flower Is Good For Diabetes | Super anti diabetes Flower|Periwinkle Tea to Cure diabetes


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Today I am Going To Show You , Why? | This Flower Is Good For Diabetes | Super anti diabetes Flower |Periwinkle Tea to curediabetes

The scientific name of Periwinkle is Catharanthus Roseus,
Periwinkle is a flower that grows in almost all climates. It is a hardy plant found in tropical regions and for centuries Periwinkle flowers tea has been used in the treatment of diabetes.
Let us see how to make Periwinkle tea to treat diabetes. Both the leaves and the flower of the plant have anti-diabetic properties. We will be using only flower to make the tea in this recipe.

To make periwinkle tea, add fresh flowers to a glass of boiling water and leave for 5-10 minutes to boil completely and turn off heat. Let the solution steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Thereafter, strain the mixture and drink it along the sediment.
You must drink periwinkle tea in the morning before you eat breakfast.
Drink this tea for at least a month to see if there has been a reduction in blood glucose levels to come within normal range.

Researchers have assured that the properties of periwinkle may be useful in treating diabetes, but more research is required to certify it safe
A qualified medical professional must be consulted before inclusion of periwinkle tea or periwinkle as a dietary supplement.
Ensure that the periwinkle tea for diabetes is not related to vinca minor species, which is highly toxic.

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